Top 5 Worst Design Choices In The World

Throughout the dawn of history, there have been engineers who have made great works of art in all walks of life. And then, in contrast, there have been individuals who just didn’t think it through all of the way. As a result, there are some design choices in the world that leave you scratching your head and questioning how it could get any worse. We’ve gathered the top 5 worst design choices in the world for your viewing pleasure with the hope that these mistakes won’t occur in the future.

5Google X


Google has been known for their simplistic design choices over the years in both the software and hardware realm. In 2005, they decided to mix it up to see how individuals would like a more complex offering in their traditional search engine by offering additional features above the search bar. It was deemed an absolute failure and lasted only 24 hours before it was pulled completely, and hasn’t returned in any rendition since.